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Swapping devices between 1240's with history

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  • Swapping devices between 1240's with history

    So I've had two ECM 1240's for a while now and I've been using UltraECM for several months. I installed a new water heater and I'd like to figure out how much power my house is using at any given time for everything but the water heater. This should be easy enough... just subtract the realtime watts of the water heater from the realtime watts of the house.

    The problem I'm running into is that the house is being monitored on one 1240 and the water heater is being monitored on the other and they don't report to HS at exactly the same time, so what I'm seeing is that the number for the house jumps up when the water heater turns on, but the second ECM hasn't reported the new usage for the water heater yet, so the math doesn't work. And the same thing happens in reverse when the water heater shuts off... the number for the house drops before the second ECM reports the new number for the water and I get another bad reading.

    I tried to come up with some logic to resolve this by putting in some error checking and delays, but it got pretty complicated pretty quickly and I'm still not sure it's totally accurate.

    I think the best solution is to simply swap the water heater with another device that's on the same ECM that is monitoring the house, so the two values are reported simultaneously. Obviously it's easy enough to move the physical connections and rename the devices in the plugin, but I'd also like to move the history of each device as well. Is it possible to modify the database to swap the historical entries for each device?