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Setup - cannot connect to ECM1240

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  • Setup - cannot connect to ECM1240

    I am trying to configure UltraECM2 on a HS2, and UltraECM3 on a HS3, and am running into the exact same error.

    "Ethernet connection could not be made to ( - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"

    I have a single ECM1240 connected to EtherPort RS232 to ethernet interface.
    The Etherport address is .122
    Homeserver server is .120
    I am assuming I am using the correct ip address... I have the ECM set up in client mode.
    I also tried configuring UltraECM to use ..122:5000, and that didn't work either.

    I am currently using the HSTens products, and those products can access the ECM. I can also access the ECM with the Brultech IA setup program.

    I have also disabled the firewall and antivirus products...

    Any other thoughts?
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    Figured it out... for client mode the address should literally be So the connect string should be where port is the port #. Do not try to use a real ip-address. RTFM on my part...