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  • Pulse Counter Resolution

    I have moved my gas meter counter from the one wire network (Ultra1Wire3) to the Brultech GEM pulse counter channles (UltraECM3).

    But I have small problem. In Ultra1Wire3 you could set the resolution of the pulse in the Ultra1Wire3 tab on the device configuration:

    Sensor Subtype: Gas Meter
    Sensor Resolution: 1 pulse equals 0.01
    But in UltraECM3 there is nothing in the tab for the device configuration. This means the counter is out by a factor of 100. And for the water meter that I have just installed each pulse equals 0.5 litres.

    It would be nice to be able to get the counter to align with the meter readings using the resolution. I use the 'value offset' in the status graphics tab to 'calibrate' the meter and the counter....if the resolution is taken in to account.

    Would this be possible? Or too much work?

    iCore5 Win 10 Pro x64 SSD

    HS3 Pro Edition Windows

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