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ECM packet does not contain valid checksum

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  • ECM packet does not contain valid checksum

    Hello, I just installed the ECM3 plugin and I'm seeing a lot of Warnings in the logs:
    Warning - Brultech ECM packect does not contain a valid checksum

    I have also notice a Watchdog Timer Warning in the log as well.
    I'm not getting any database inserts in the plugin

    Note that I'm using Bin48-NET-Time format from the GEM.
    My GEM is in server mode and my HS3 computer is connecting via ethernet (device IP address is

    Note that I have a Dashbox connected to the GEM on COM1 - could that be causing an issue? I don't see any problems with the data going from the GEM to the Dashbox.

    Any suggestions on what I can look at?

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    OK I've done a bit of tinkering and it looks like the ECM3 plugin doesn't like the Bin48-NET-Time format, but it does work with Bin48-NET.

    The problem is that I also have a Dashbox connected to COM1 of the GEM and it does not appear to like the Bin48-NET format, so I have a conflict in formats here.
    I'm thinking I will try setting COM1 on the GEM to Bin48-NET and then connect the dashbox to COM2, which I will set to Bin48-NET-Time.


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      ...continuing the conversation with myself....

      Tonight I moved the dashbox to the GEM com2 and changed the format of COM1 to Bin48-NET, so now I have both the dashbox and UltraECM3 collecting data from the GEM. However, I'm still getting the occasional invalid checksum warning in the HS3 log (Warning: Brultech ECM packet does not contain a valid checksum.)

      Does anyone else see these messages? I've tried the various settings in the Watchdog timer thread without much luck. I'm going to try to switch the GEM to client mode to see if that helps. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.



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        Hello UltraJones, are you still looking at this forum? I was hoping to get your input on this.
        I get these checksum warnings every 2-3 minutes in my log. Should I ignore them? I have been corresponding with with Ben from Brultech and he has validated that my settings on the GEM are all correct.
        I initially had frequent Watchdog timeouts but it's been rock solid for the last couple of days with Ben's help. My only nagging issue is these checksum warnings. I saw another post from you stating that the packets don't actually contain checksum info, so could this be the indication of another issue?
        Aside from that I seem to be getting proper updates on my current Watt devices, but I haven't looked closely enough to determine if the packets that are causing the warning are being dropped by the plugin.

        Any advice would be appreciated.

        Thanks, Dom


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          Hello Dom,

          I can confirm any packet that does not contain a valid checksum is dropped. The invalid checksum would indicate some type of network issue. If you ping your GEM, are you seeing any packet loss?

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            Hi Ultrajones,
            I'm not seeing any network issues related to the link. I setup a continuous ping going from my homeseer PC to the GEM for 30 minutes without any lost packets and all <1ms response. During this time I had 3 checksum warnings in my HS3 log. I wonder if there are network-related settings on the GEM that may be causing this. I'll check with Ben again to see if he has any suggestions.


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              Hi Ultrajones,
              Ben from Brultech has been helping me with this. He has checked all of my GEM settings and also used the ECM-1240 IA software to capture packets going from the GEM to my Homeseer PC, but he was unable to find anything out of the ordinary in the packets.
              Would it be possible to modify the plugin to dump the packet into the log when you get the checksum warning? This way Ben can have a look to see if there is anything he can spot.
              Thanks in advance!


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                Can you add me to your conversation with Ben? My e-mail is

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                  Hi Ultra - I just sent you an email, thanks for the support!
                  Cheers, Dom