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Merging Load Displays

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    Merging Load Displays

    Hey everyone,

    I have two GEM's installed, lots of circuits.

    Does anyone know how I can merge the load screens together or even create a custom load screen where I can add the various loads from any GEM for a display at a glance what my usage is on grouped circuits?

    Example: GEM 1 is monitoring the MAIN panel into the house and since I have a 9.8KW solar system, all my solar circuits are on a sub panel feeding into the main panel. I have CT's on each solar array circuit to monitor it's power individually. All my solar monitoring is done on GEM 2 and I would like to have one display where I could see the net metering from GEM 1 for the main panel and the individual solar array circuits on GEM 2.

    Moving CT's between GEM's would be messy and difficult to accomplish this.

    Another benefit would be the ability to group lighting, cooling, kitchen, etc on individual displays.

    If this functionality does not currently exist, consider it a function request.


    I'd like to see this as well. I have two ECM-1240's and the loads are divided among the two devices simply because they won't all fit on one. There is no logical division there and it would be nice if I could see the loads from both devices on one screen.