Currently I run a script to calculate the 'cost today', 'cost last 7 days' and 'cost last 30 days' and store the results in virtual devices. It's a bit clunky as I'm not a proficient scripter.

Would it be worth considering adding this to UltraECM3? You could use the 'rates' table in UltraECM to calculate the relevant costs. I would find this very useful.

On a related issue, I know there are different billing regimes for different electricity providers. But where I live (New Zealand) there is a fixed daily supply charge and also a unit charge. So $1.48 a day plus usage. Would it be possible to add a daily fixed charge option to the rates tables?

And one more request. Could you consider rates for pulse counters? I use the pulse counters for gas and water metering.

Thanks, Marty.