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Kinect plugin vs. just using kinect as a microphone

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  • Pete
    Here compared the two (regular VR and Spud's Plugin) on a Pipo X7 (32 bit W10 with some mods / tweaking). I used it concurrently with Spud's Alexa Plugin. Worked well here.

    I tested running Spud's Kinect, Alexa and I think I had speaker dot exe running and talking to the main Homeseer mothership running Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit Linux.

    I liked mostly that I could tell the Kinect TTS/VR to shut off Alexa whenever.

    I was also using an open frame multitouch 15-17" screen. (HSTouch and Kodi and live streaming and recorded TV stuff - tested all of this at the same time and it worked)

    Still in limbo though was where to mount the touchscreen with the Kinect over the touchscreen and making this concoction look OK on a wall (even with very low WAF).

    Long term plan was to configure in wall touchscreens this way so I purchased 4-5 Kinect's on special here and a few different open frame touchscreens.

    I wasn't happy though with the PipoX7. IE: I can do anything today with my current tabletop touchscreens running embedded wintel. The PipoX7's built in network interface is using a USB port. I could put it to sleep but could never wake it up using WOL. Other than that I had no issues with the PipoX7.

    The idea here was to velco the PipoX7 to the back of the openframe monitor (and use POE to power touchscreen and PC and Kinect).
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  • spud
    yes the VR with the plug-in should be better.

    have you installed the drivers and follow the other configuration steps as explained in the user guide ?

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  • Kinect plugin vs. just using kinect as a microphone

    I have bought the Kinect xbox 360, the kinect plugin and Homeseer software. I installed the plugin and got Homeseer to respond voice commands. BUT it is not using the kinect plugin actually it is just using the Kinect as a normal microphone. I disabled the Kinect plugin and everything is still working the same as before.

    Will the VR be better if I get the Kinect plugin working or is the performance the same?

    If better with the Kinect plugin then I need some help to get it working!!!