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Kinect broken after win10 1803 update

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    Kinect broken after win10 1803 update


    I updated all my pc to the latest win10 and it appears to have broken my kinects. I have two remotes and a local and they all act the same way. log below is for the local kinect. It loads, says it build all the grammers, and then stops

    May-06 8:34:57 AM Kinect DEBUG Trying to restart Speech Recognition May-06 8:34:57 AM Kinect TRACE - AudioPosition = 00:00:00; InputStreamEnded = True May-06 8:34:57 AM Kinect DEBUG Speech Recognition Stopped May-06 8:34:57 AM Kinect DEBUG Speech Recognition Started May-06 8:34:57 AM Kinect DEBUG Rule (Devices) set [the] [Node 49] [Bedroom] Front LED Lights to Colored May-06 8:34:57 AM Kinect DEBUG Stopping Speech Recognition
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    have you figured it out?


      Originally posted by spud View Post
      have you figured it out?

      I did spud. the update changed the privacy settings on mics and I only had to enable the mic access to apps and it fixed it. thanks


        Well today I would say that Windows 10 is more of an AI entity then just a tool to use.

        Many of the more recent updates are dealing with the Microsoft Cortana all knowing entity.

        It'll take care of you because it knows you now.

        - Pete

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          I tried installing the Cortana app on one of my Asus Zenpads (in preparation for my next project), and it says the app isn't compatible with this device.
          I bought a Samsung Galaxy View off Ebay, and plan on mounting it in the dining/kitchen. Can I hang a Kinect off of this thing somehow? Of course I didn't think this through. It would probably be better to get a large touchscreen monitor and a win10 nuc or something behind that. And frankly, I'm thinking about it, and have no idea what to build HSTouch-wise for an 18" screen. I know I want a monitor in the kitchen to stream tivo, but other than that, I don't know what i'm going to do with it. It doesn't have a remote, so I think this is where an AI of some type would come into play.
          Edit: I figured it out. You have to install microsoft launcher and cortana is embedded in that. I can't find the 'hey cortana' enable button, so I have to tap the icon. I don't think this is going to get me interfacing with the Galaxy View in any meaningful way. I actually got ok google to play a youtube video. That'll work.
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