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Easy way to get Kinects to work 30+M away

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    Easy way to get Kinects to work 30+M away

    Welp, maybe not cost effective, but if you hook this to a HUB to overcome the self powering issue, you can easily run a Kinect over this thing.

    According to the video, it was $300, but hey, that's USB 3.0 over FIBER OPTIC! Maybe they have a cheaper USB 2.0 version??

    Tasker, to a person who does like walking up to a Crack Treatment facility with a truck full of 3lb bags of crack. Then for each person that walks in and out smack them in the face with an open bag.

    Looks pretty cool. Super expensive though. Also the Kinect doesn't use USB 3. I couldn't finish the video. The squawking poopy dance guy drove me nuts.
    Originally posted by rprade
    There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause