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    Hi I'm an old time home seer user. I'm in treated in voice recognition.what do I need to get the X box connect to I need an xbox.sorry for the silly question I'm new to this device

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    you don't need the Xbox, you just need the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360.

    Then you need to connect it to a machine running windows 7 on later, on which you would install the kinect drivers as well as the HS3 kinect plugin.

    Read the user guide for more info


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      Thanks For ure help that's what I thought. I have one more question maybe u can help. I want to do a new Install hs3.on a raspberry pi2. I have a tablet that runs windows 8.1 so if I can connect the kinect To the tablet do I need to run the speaker server on the pi or on the tablet.also is there a way I can send the commands down to the pi from windows tablet.

      mainly I want raspberry pi to be home seer server I want to install ha touch server on there then I want when motion is sensed to turn on my lights I have Zwave lights want to do this via voice command any thoughts I want to change to embedded solution like a pi