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    Remote Instance Questions


    I just noticed that my Plug-Ins Management screen no longer shows the remote instance of the Kinect plug in after all the plug-in listings.

    There used to be a heading titled Remote Instances or something like that after the listing for all the local machine installed plug-ins. My remote Kinect instances would be listed under that heading. The heading no longer is there and the remote instances are no longer listed.

    Also, my remote instances will no longer work if the local plug-in is not enabled. In fact, disabling the local plug-in removes the remote Kinect instances tabs from each of the device configuration screens.

    I am using the plug-in with HS3 Pro Edition

    All of the remote instance files that are needed on the remote machine have been updated by copying them from the local machine to the remote machine per the Kinect plug-in user guide.

    If I use the menu system: PLUG-INS > Kinect > then the selections are the usual Config, User Guide, Forum and then the listings of any active remote instances.

    Disabling the local instance removes the Kinect sub menu from the PLUG-INS menu so not only is the local instance not configurable, but the remote instance is also not able to be configured.

    I had not been doing much with the Kinect VR lately so I hadn't noticed this until now? Is this an update related issue?