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    Looks like some are complaining that they can't find options for physically connecting a Kinect sensor to their HomeSeer box in a remote fashion.

    Check your local MicroCenter and buy an Open Box WinBook starting at $50.00 for the 7" model:

    I use the 8" which is slightly more.

    You could use a USB over IP converter but this would run you approximately $50.00. Seems that a tablet running Windows 8.1 would be a nice addition to any room even if it just sat there and did nothing but connect the Kinect sensor to the network.

    Just an FYI... it is a pain to upgrade these devices to Win10 so be satisfied with Win 8.1... the least expensive way I have found to connect things remotely.

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    caution with the 7" model, I get "ran out of memory" errors every once in a while... and only with the remote instance of Kinect running.


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      I have both 7" and 8" models. The 8" has 2gb of Ram so I have never encountered an out of memory message.

      The 7" has 1gb but I would suggest using TaskManager and looking at the processes that are consuming memory. For the 7", I would use this purely as a remote hub to connect the Kinect sensor. If you are running the Kinect plug-in as well as browsing the web and opening files and folders (or even leaving them open in the background) you could reach memory limits.