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Only one remote instance shows in menus

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    Only one remote instance shows in menus

    I have two remote instances (no local one) but only one appears in the Plug-ins menu, as "Kinect - <instancename>". This then means that when the kinect instance that does show in the menu is not running, I do not have a Kinect menu option at all, making it difficult to adjust the configuration.

    It used to appear there but mot any more. I have restarted HS but the issue remains. I am on

    Any ideas?

    The menu links with multiple instances of a plugin have always been buggy, but here if I start HS3, then I start a remote instance test1, then I start another remote instance test2, I can see both links in the menu as in the screenshot below. Weird things start to happen if I try to stop one of the instance. I will try to make Rich have a look at it.

    Click image for larger version

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      ok, thanks.