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Kinect vs Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II?

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    Kinect vs Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II?

    I'm curious if anybody uses a different voice recognition device other than the Kinect or Alexa? I've read the differences between the two (Alexa has better mic array, but isn't as "flexible" with grammar control"), but I'm curious how they compare to a 3rd party microphone array such as the Acoustic Magic. Here's a comparison of the two models.

    HS actually sells the first version linked above, but after some searching I can't find anyone that's actually using it. I may take my chances and install one just to do a product review, but at a price of around $300 that's an expensive test

    I'd love a microphone array as good as Alexa but without the cloud overhead.

    looking for another solution also

    I've been using kinect for a couple of days. seems to work as advertised so far. my only problem is it has to be attached to a pc running windows. so how did your test go with the mics?