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WII Remote for TV (High WAF)

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    WII Remote for TV (High WAF)

    Down in my Home Theater I have a combination of a Panasonic TV, Pioneer amp, Uverse set top box and all sorts of other pieces and parts all buried behind a false wall. Even with all the great plug-ins and HS Touch my wife still wanted an easy way to "Just turn on the TV and watch a show, and I want to be able to adjust the volume easily". I had a iPad with HSTouch but she wanted even simpler....

    What I discovered was that she used just a few of the buttons/features. When Spud released the Wiimote plug in I remembered that I had a couple in a drawer. So I built a remote that does exactly what she needs and nothing more.... She is giddy. Thanks to Spud!
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    Thanks for sharing this.