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    wii pair exe

    Spud, any chance of taking a look at the wiipair.exe I was unable to get it to work and at one time you were discussing an update to the wiipair.exe is this possible. I loved the plugin but stopped using it becuase of pairing issues

    Thanks Ken
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    well I had a look a while ago, and I couldn't make it work very reliably, this paring thing is very confusing...

    I will have another look


      after some more testing, here is a method that works very reliably for me, and makes the pairing permanent

      1. Prevent windows from searching windows update for new drivers:
      The reason to do this is that searching windows update can take a very long time, and in this case it seems to mess up the pairing process with the wiimote.
      2. Start WiiPair.exe (You may have to temporarily disable your AV, I had to)
      3. Press the red sync button inside the battery-department of the Wiimote and HOLD it.
      4. Wait until WiiPair.exe finds your wiimote and until Windows finishes installing all necessary drivers, you should hear the standard windows driver sound when it's done
      5. keep holding the red button
      6. starts the Wiimote plugin, if everything is ok, it should connect to your device and the wimote should rumble for 1 second, you can then release the red button.