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Palm pad replacement?

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    Palm pad replacement?

    The only x10 stuff I have left in my system are motion detectors, and palm pads.....

    I know there are many zwave alternatives to motion sensors available..

    But we love the functionality of the palm pads....and can't seem to find a zwave alternative....

    Don't really need one.. as my w800 works fine bringing them into homeseer...

    But wondering what will eventually replace the palm pad in the HA ecosystem

    Andrew B.

    For myself, Alexa has replaced so much. I generally don't touch switches and pretty much put away any palm pads I used to have.

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      Agreed. Echo Dots are $40 and well worth the investment.

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        Originally posted by ArbWare View Post
        ... But wondering what will eventually replace the palm pad in the HA ecosystem ...
        I have several of these Aeon Z-Wave Minimotes around my house and they work GREAT! Also, I used the info in this thread to get them working:
        Hope this helps?

        (System configuration is in my profile)