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VPN problem with IPv6 which ISP works?

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    VPN problem with IPv6 which ISP works?

    My current internet service provider is FIOS. When my iPhone is on T-Mobile and only gets an IPv6 address, it can't make VPN connection home.

    Did anyone get this combination to work?

    Does Optimum also have this problem?

    I have not had any issues using tethering (for Android / Wintel HSTouch) to my T-Mobile Windows smart phone. Here purchased 5 SIM cards with unlimited T-Mobile non contract at $20 a month per SIM card. I did read about the IP6 stuff. I do not utilize any of the SIM cards 24/7 as I am not tethered to my cell phones. I did see now that the unlimited has changed to throttling and a 3G tethered connection versus LTE these days. It seems too now that all video stuff is going through the T-Mobile servers.
    - Pete

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