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    110V Power Plug

    I didn't see anywhere else to post this.

    Just an FYI for anyone else interested. I bought a Zooz ZEN15 Power plug as it was advertised to be capable of handling heavy loads such as 110V appliances, AC units, etc. I installed and tested it last night and it is performing very well with a Window AC unit.

    My goal is to tie the Window AC units into the Baseboard Heater Thermostats to regulate their on/off states based on the room temperature. This virtual thermostat is working well in the test case. As such I've gone ahead and ordered two more power plugs for the other two Window AC units that don't have built in thermostats.

    For the capability of handling heavy appliance loads they are very reasonably priced on Amazon.

    Just thought I'd pass along the device info.
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    +1 on the ZEN15. I have 2 of them and they both run a 1/2 hp motor without any problem.


      I received my two that I just ordered as well. Installed one of them last night for the fish pond - though, that's not what it's destined for, but I was really impressed with it. Great monitoring capabilities as well... very quiet operation too.

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