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Rs232 control via Arduino or low power device?

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    Rs232 control via Arduino or low power device?

    I have my new monitor coming and it has rs232 control. I know I could use my laptop to control it, but what I would like is to use a low power device like an Arduino to control it and then control the Arduino from HomeSeer (since my laptop does not run HomeSeer). Is anyone doing anything similar? The specs list rs-232c as the connector.

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    This is fairly standard stuff by the sounds of it, the Arduino supports sending serial data either by the native TX pin or in certain configurations you can send it out of the digital IO pins. You can buy or build ESP8266 type modules with serial outputs that are an easy WiFi to serial bridge.

    The only issue is that RS232 is a standard and expects certain voltage levels which the Arduino/ESP8266 module will not output by default. You will either need a RS232 shield or a MAX232 type RS232 voltage level converter. Then you can send data straight out to your monitor.