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Ceiling Fan Switch Install

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  • Ceiling Fan Switch Install

    I have a GE Fanlink Switch I’m trying to put in. I have a ceiling fan with no light. There are two switches. The main location has a brown wire, a red wire, and the hot wire. The second switch has two red wires, and the load wire for the fan. The brown wire and the red wire seem to be alternating line to the second switch. I toned them out with a wire toner and everything. I kinda assume the brown wire goes to the fan for main power (light) and comes back as one of the red wires at sw2. There is really no neutral associated with any of these switches that I can determine. There is a separate light switch in the main switch location that has a neutral, so I could tie into that neutral. The two traveler wires and the missing neutral is kinda throwing me for a loop. Thoughts on this?
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    Well, It appears the double travelers keep power to the second switch no matter the switch position of switch one. I assume the load of switch one is to the light and even if you turn it off the traveler supplies power to the second switch to keep the fan operational. So, I'll have to get rid of the traveler as I want the smart switch in switch one position to control the fan, and there is no neutral in the switch two position, so the smart switch has to be in switch one position. That's predicated on tying onto the neutral in the neighboring switch in switch one position.


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      Well, one was the load, and the other was a traveler. I used the load and eliminated the traveler. I used the neighboring neutral. working.