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Can't add codes to new schlage lock

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    Can't add codes to new schlage lock

    Hello all,
    I just recently bought a brand new schlage lock. To my surprise it had Z-Wave Plus. I replaced my old schlage lock. I have included it in two my homeseer. Unfortunately, I cannot add more than one code. I keep getting a "The number of user codes could not be retrieved from the device." Error when I try to add a new code in the root of the device.

    What I have tried:
    1. Excluded and try to reinclude the lock probably about a dozen times.
    2. Tried multiple distances from the Z-Wave. Even had the Z-Wave sitting 1 inch away.
    3. I went into the Z-Wave plug in under Locke management and was able to include 1 code. after that it gives me an error that the maximum number of codes have been entered in the maximum is "-1".

    Is this a software issue? Any help would be great thanks in advance.

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    I started with that brand and quickly found out that the lock does not allow you to assign users to user codes, ie: user #1 code "1234", user #2 code "9876", user #3...etc. For my purposes, I needed hardware that would allow me to add and remove users individually not just the codes. There may be some advancements since I was working with that equipment I am not sure.
    I found that the Yale(Assa Abloy) brand locks do offer quite a bit more. They allow up to 250 users and you can assign users/codes via HS in the Z Wave tab under settings(attached). There are deadbolt and lever lock versions, I have been installing the deadbolt version on overhead doors and use that for code input to open overhead doors. I have all of my users set up with individual codes so I can have the code being entered tripping an event so I know who is operating the keypad. If you do order any make sure it comes with the Z Wave module that plugs in above the batteries otherwise you'll have to purchase that item separately. They are about twice the money but they are very well-built and the software exceeds any need I have had so far...aside from the price I have no complaints.
    good luck-