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Alternative for global cache itach wifi contact closure

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    Alternative for global cache itach wifi contact closure

    Hey all,

    My set of itach wifi contact closure have given up the ghost and won't connect to wifi anymore, and because they only support adhoc wifi networks, I can't configure them.

    Accordingly, I'm looking for a new option, and was thinking about this (QUBINO Z-WAVE 1D RELAY) or something similar. I need a device that can control the curtains and I currently use the gc to switch on the open it close circuits - ie there are two of the three toggles active. I've attached the screenshot for reference on his it works

    I believe that a dry contact devices is what I need, but just wanted to check before I went and got replacements, so grateful any advice. I'm looking at something, ideally small, I can easily integrate through a native plugin or simple activity.

    You could roll your own solution with Arduino + 4 relay board. I did that for a while with my curtains (open-stop-close). There is an Arduino plug-in for HomeSeer or you can control with simple (event) immediate script commands. As you mentioned, one of the Z-Wave 2 relay options might work. There used to be Z-Wave curtain controllers (3 relays) around - I had one from Monoprice (USA) however I think they are long gone. All in all, the easy solution might just be to replace your iTach if it was working well.