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Picture in Picture overlay device?

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    Picture in Picture overlay device?

    I am trying to figure out how to do something with a doorbell camera and my TV system.

    I have a 4K TV with Dolby Vision HDR, and my Blu-Ray player also does Dolby Vision HDR. I want to retain that.

    I am looking to get a video door bell compatible with blue Iris.

    I would like to get a trigger (I need suggestions here too) for when someone rings my doorbell.

    What I would like to have happen is this. I'm watching TV and the door bell rings. A picture in PIcture style box pops up in the lower right corner of the TV showing video from the doorbell camera for 30 secconds or whatever time I tell it, then the box goes away.

    My thought is...
    get a raspberry pi to stream video from doorbell camera
    plug all my HDMI devices into my reciever like it is today.
    plug the HDMI output from the reciever into an HDMI matrix or whatever device that can do Picture in PIcture
    Plug the raspberry pi into that matrix box too.
    create a trigger to when the doorbell rings, the matrix box shows Picture in picture of the camera for 30 secconds

    That matrix would need to obviously be compatible with homeseer somehow
    the matrix would need to be able to do 4K Dolby Vision HDR and overlay the non HDR camera video over top of the programming...

    Does anything like that actually exist? Where do I start looking? What am I not thinking of?

    The part you are overlooking that will break everything is HDCP, and the moment you try to interrupt the encrypted path between Blu-Ray player and TV, then you get those lovely purple or green error screens. For unprotected content, you can simply rely on a solution such as MediaPortal 2, which supports Picture-in-Picture from any stream, so you can use whatever doorbell camera you can find.

    Your best bet though might be to just have a touchscreen tablet in the same room on the wall. When doorbell camera is activated it streams to that screen, and HomeSeer pauses whatever is playing on the TV, or at least lowers/mutes audio to get your attention. The touchscreen can then also act as control station for HomeSeer, change temperature, adjust lights, fire up events, etc.


      You can use BrightSign Display adapters for this; however they are expensive. There are posts on the board somewhere controlling these via scripting.


        OH thanks! that looks like what I need!! I'll do some digging on the board about that device. Thanks again!


          I've been looking through the training tutorials, and they mention that there can only be one video field at a time. Does the camera feed count as a video field?


            It may be the wrong product for you. What this does is provide a pass through for any HDMI source up to 4K with HDCP and allows for multiple superimposed graphics, text, images including a built an HTML5 web browser which updates in real time. You could for example add scrolling text to display a message on the screen. Depending on the stream, your camera may be able to be viewed via its browser so no input required.

            As you say in your first post, perhaps you just need a 4K PIP unit with several inputs. An example here could be controlled by IR via HS:


            Not sure if the PIP windows would be too small though.


              OH ok. I'll have to explore more. I will be using Blue Iris for my cameras, so I wonder if I could display one of the cameras via a web page through the HTML5 part.


                Originally posted by jjohnston View Post
                OH ok. I'll have to explore more. I will be using Blue Iris for my cameras, so I wonder if I could display one of the cameras via a web page through the HTML5 part.
                Have you seen this :

                The beauty of it is that you are not always watching Blu-Ray

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                  The ZettaGuard ZW410 is very appealing at $33.95 with 7% coupon, but bear in mind the ZW412 is the only one with 18Gbps support if you plan to play full 4K@60 with high quality audio, but is priced higher at $59.98 with 5% coupon.

                  Switching input on my projector screen can take 3-5 seconds to initialize due to the 4K HDR down-scaling that the 1080p native resolution projector uses (Optoma HD27HDR).

                  So, thinking of grabbing ZettaGuard for when I am like helping somebody out fixing their computer and I can't be bothered to grab a spare monitor and hook it up to TV/Projector while watching a movie, and then the PiP feature would be ideal, because my Marantz-Receiver, LG-TV, or Optoma-Projector do not offer PiP. Based on the photo-shopped screenshot it appears the PiP extends to all inputs, so you can have primary selection full-screen, and the other three inputs all as PiP.

                  The problem for the OP as well with the ZettaGuard is that it would not auto-popup the PiP screen for doorbell, so you would have to also buy an IR transmitter, such as a Remotec Z-Wave one, or something like: