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USB Powered Hub & close proximity of RF transmitters

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    USB Powered Hub & close proximity of RF transmitters

    Does anyone utilise a powered USB hub with all their devices plugged directly in without extensions? I've currently got my HS PC mounted on back of tv because it currently does media server stuff aswell. So far it's been very stable but I have seperated the USB devices away from the PC by approx 12"-14" and then each USB device is around 7" away from each other. Not ideal but it's a work in progress and eventually the HS PC will be elsewhere.

    I've not had any issues with the networks but now I need to utilise a power USB hub and was wondering if anyone plugs there's sticks directly in to the hub or if you all.use short extensions to get separation between USB devices.

    It got me wondering if 7" of separation is actually no much better than virtually none. In my case all the USB devices but for one are RF transceivers, and while most are on different frequencies there is still room for problems.

    Aeotec Zstick.
    Conbee 2
    GSM Module
    Long Range Bluetooth Module
    IR Flirc