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  • Time of device - Not OFF


    I have a couple of dimmers that do not report as an "ON" state of they are in a dimmed value. So in essence I can't use the event of if device has been X for this time as the available options do not include a ">1%" or ~=ON

    The only way round it is to create a timer that resets whenever the device does anything which is ok but is there an easier way to do this.

    The event I am trying to make is:
    If the device has a value that is not OFF then after 30 minutes turn it off.

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    The EasyTrigger plug-in has an option for device value not in a specified range. Have you considered using it? (IMO it is one of the most valuable plug-ins for HS and once you have it you'll probably find many more places where it's capability is valuable.)
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      I have seen that plugin but not tried it so I will give it a go later.

      Thanks for the quick reply


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        Easy trigger is brilliant. It has made loads of events now that utilise the plugin and it has been easy to use and setup. Thanks for the tip