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    Yeah, it is a lot, but I use a lot of power tbh. With the AC and my fish tank and the electric car I can do as much as 2500 or 3000kWh a month during the summer.

    The powerwalls are installed. Here are the brackets that they used to mount them against the wall:

    They ran the electrical connections through wall behind the powerwalls (through the hole at the top of each bracket) so there was no visible conduit or anything in the garage.

    The conduit is visible on the other side of that wall, though.


      Really nice looking install! Please keep us up to date with your results. Have fun.


        BrettS have you tried the SolarEdge PI yet or are you going a different route? I use the SolarEdge PI for HS4 and it's great.


          Really nice installation!

          The Open Energy Monitor looks like an interesting project ... Open Source built on Rasberry PI. Has solar, heat pump and EV so can do it all and has open API to integrate with HS.

          I have the Efergy energy monitor for about a year now and it's not bad - was pretty cheap. Use it to monitor the load on my hot tub and a couple of other energy hogs in the house - No solar production going on. Their app isn't good but I was able to use another app that interacts with their APIs. Haven't yet figured out how to bring it into my hub.

          Agreed that the Sense seems to be a little hit and miss in trying to identify appliance based on their load. All that "AI" magic when in reality it seems to struggle identifying devices for months. SE have released a new competitor to sense, Wiser - Same machine learning stuff but again same problem of not being able to integrate into HS

          Few other options here like Aeotec could definitely work.


            Previously I mentioned the eGauge monitor as being what I use and like. eGauge published a short youtube video describing their 3 different models. Thought someone might be interested. Here is the link.



              Yet another alternative is IotaWatt

              I keep saying it's the most boring piece of home automation I've ever bought as I have not touched it in over a year, it just works...

              Fairly "cheap" by comparison to some of the alternatives (especially now since they're having a sale) and with that it's easier (more palatable?) if you'd like to do a distributed installation due to the use of a lot of panels.

              I'm logging to InfluxDB and use Grafana for presentation.

              Click image for larger version

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                mr.Magoo Thanks for sharing. Never heard of this. I see you are showing usage for some of your bigger loads such as range, washer, and bath. Have you installed CTs on each of those devices/circuits?

                In general, looking at the website, this looks like a very viable solution. The emoncms dashboard examples are really nice. I need to spend some time understanding emoncms.


                  Originally posted by logbuilder View Post
                  mr.Magoo Have you installed CTs on each of those devices/circuits?
                  Yes, I use the smaller 50A CT's on all the individual channels and 100A on the main.
                  I chose the solid core CT's (over split) simply because I don't have that much room in my panel, placed the IotaWatt unit in a separate enclosure right next to the panel.

                  My house is an older house (1929) and the electrical have undergone a lot of changes over the years.
                  Ideally I'd like to have a lot more channels (just because you can) but I had to limit myself due to how things are laid out.
                  What's called "house" in my measurements is the really old 6-amp screw-in-fuse type sub-panel that covers most of the outlets and lights, there's simply no room in that panel (or even easily accessible) to add CT's so I had to do that one as a group.
                  The master bath is monitored mainly in case "someone" forgets their hair products plugged in, while it has it's own sub-panel (bathroonm remodel not too long ago with higher use items such as heated floors and towel warmer) I didn't see a need to split it up further (at this time anyway).

                  Range and Fridge is convenient, washer / dryer for monitoring / announcements, server was out of curiosity (it's all of my IT/automation/surveillance)