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U by Moen Shower Controller

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    U by Moen Shower Controller

    I have been wanting to get this integrated into Homeseer and really just looking for others with this or someone that might could offer a little help in grabbing the data. I will say I just don't know exactly what is needed to do this but I am willing to do some legwork.

    I created a new topic. but I originally started this here:

    Currently there seems to be no complete API (which I assume also requires Moen to have a Web page that I can get the data from).
    Moen also makes a faucet the does have a way to get this data, so I can continue hoping they will do something for the Shower also, but it has been years and I don't think the demand is there for them to do it.

    This controller has an Alexia integration so I can control it through Alexia. This has been working well, but would love to get the status back into Homeseer. I have downloaded Wireshark and captured a couple logs where I am both Using Alexia to control the shower as well as using the Phone App to turn it on and off. I am monitoring the Wifi Network (which is the only method I know it could be receiving/sending commands), but when I search for either the IP address or the MAC address of the Shower nothing shows up.

    If there is something obvious I am missing or can try, I would definitely appreciate any help.

    Looks like another year has gone by and still no API from Moen. I would also like to control my shower from homeseer. Have you found any additional information?