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    Hi Glenn,
    Sorry for not checking back in here sooner. I'm using 5.08 and all the commands work perfectly in it. I know there's a newer version out there but I haven't messed around with it. If it ain't broke and all that...........
    outrbanx, just use the keystrokes mentioned above to turn it all the way down. If you want it to go slower use the waitsecs commands. May not be as nice and smooth as you like but hey, it should at least work.


      Duh! I'm sorry. I didn't even think to just repeat the command a few times in the script.

      Geez, it's been a while since I've done any scripting with Homeseer, but you'd think that the obvious would have at least come to mind.

      Thanks, Fireball!


        You're welcome outrbanx. Has that worked out ok for you? Does it go down quickly enough? I have my system go through a similiar routine every night with my receiver where it resets the volume in each zone so I won't be blasted/not hear the morning music but it takes a few minutes for it to work properly.
        Curiously waiting.......


          Hey Fireball,

          From what little I have been able to work with it, it has done quite well. It still needs a bit of tweaking, though. Mainly just the timing and order of commands.

          This is being used to dim the lights and fade background music for watching films outdoors on our deck and had become a "Betcha can't / Bet I can" contest between my wife and me. She thought the idea of watching films outside was ridiculous, and had told her co-workers that soon I would have the deck wired for sound and dimming the lights like a movie theater. So I had to "one-up" her by throwing some X-10 tricks into the fold too. She has now resolved herself to simply rolling her eyes. Secretly though, she enjoys it whether she admits it or not.

          A hollow victory, but a victory nonetheless.


            Is there any way to import the current track info into a virtual device? Or would this have to be accomplished via the plugin?



              Is there a way to make this work on a client via HStouch?

              I have a touch screen with media player and i would like to be able to controll it from hstouch.

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