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    Sling box - Sling Media

    Has anyone purchased a Slingbox?

    Little background: Slingbox takes any video source (Svideo, Composite, Coax) as input and has hardware to encode and stream the video/audio across an Intranet/Internet to a Slingbox client software running on a PC. They call it "place-shifting" basically being able to watch TiVo or a DVD anywhere on the internet.

    Since i have a 400 disc DVD changer (controlled via RS232 by my home automation computer) i can hook that up to this slingbox, and watch any of my DVDs anywhere in the world (in theory, haven't tried yet). In future i'm going to multplex the video into it, so can watch any security camera's, DVDs, or Tivo from anywhere in the world.

    Like i said, havent' checked into it much, bought it yesterday from CompUSA for $250 ...

    Here's a link

    I'll be very interested to know what you think of the SlingBox..... I've been following the development of this product since I first heard about back in Aug of 2004 ( link ). My job requires a great deal of travel and I thought this would be the ultimate gadget for sitting around in a hotel room after work (now that most hotels have broadband), I can now watch programs recored to my Tivo, or movies, etc, and not be limited to the lame TV program offerings of most hotels. The one downside is that my laptop is a MAC (for work purposes), but Sling Media says that they are developing an interface for the MAC that should be out in a few months.



      axotis, Got home from work and finally plugged it in ... i must say that the install and ease of use could not be better, does remind me of TiVo when it first came out ... it just Works (and works well so far).

      I'm watching it right now actually, connected to TiVo Series2. Here's some observations (note i haven't tried it from another location yet, still only running across my Intranet)

      1. Easy install ... refreshing
      2. Video and audio are both very smooth (see next item)
      3. Only time it is choppy (only for 3-4 secs) is when you change a channel, or change the flow of TiVo (eg. going to the menu). Thus it is great if you're watching a continuous feed, but channel surfing may be frustrating.
      4. As for the video quality i think it is perfectly acceptable! In fact a little impressed. Only when the Video is full screen can you notice video quality loss (mind you that this is far from DVD quality)

      All in all Love it thus far ... i'll report back when i try it remotely


        Fryguy, thanks for the update... I look forward to hearing how it does remotely, but I gotta think with a good connection it will be much the same as your experience at home. Certainly, a full screen experience would be optimal when it comes to it's performance, but I would think that this is something that will improve as the product develops.



          Slingbox Pro dead, replacing with Pro HD

          Old thread here, but I've been using a Slingbox Pro for the past couple of years. It worked well until last week when the unit went belly up.

          The network light now remains dark and performing a factory reset does nothing to revive the unit. My Cisco switch also reports bad packets received.

          I searched the Sling forums and apparently other Slingbox Pro users have suffered similar failures. It's not cost effective to try to get the unit replaced through Sling (out of warranty). Sling is offering $50 discounts towards upgrades though, so I purchased a new SlingBox Pro HD as a replacement. If anyone is interested, I'll post an update when I have the new box working.



            Very disappointed with HD Pro

            I purchased a Slingbox HD Pro so that I could watch my DVR on PCs and was hoping that I could archive some content off of my DVR as well.

            Install was rather simple which was refreshing, but that's about the best I can say about the product.

            First off, their software is so CPU intensive that it locked up my WinXP Pro machine which meets their 'minimum system requirements' and renders the PC unusable (imagine 30 seconds between mouse pointer updates.)

            Then I tried it with a 3ghz P4 with 2gb ram and the *best* I could get is 8 frames per second when viewing a standard-def input signal. Oddly, 1080i HD was at 6 fps.

            After hours of mucking around, wading through the Sling and other forums and sites I finally gave up and labeled the Sling HD Pro 'just another partly-baked product.'

            BTW - if you're interested in a solution for recording then I would say that Sling is not for you. This is a product for what they call "location shifting" and is a view-only solution. While there do appear to be a couple of 3rd party hacks for grabbing the a/v stream and saving to disc, none seemed to work with the HD Pro and all seemed to be a kludge.

            I was really disappointed with the experience and will be hard pressed to try a sling product again any time soon.
            Best regards,

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              Sorry to hear of your troubles. I have to say that the old Slingbox Pro worked fairly well even streaming standard definition over 802.11g to a mid-range laptop. So unless Sling has gone downhill with the Pro HD and/or latest software, something seems very strange. I'll let you know if I have better luck when my HD Pro arrives.



                I have been happy with my slingbox Pro and it includes the adapter for HDMI. I have excellent results over the 1G local LAN. When I try to use it over the internet I need to configure it back to standard definition because the 256K upload speeds are barely enough for standard definition and result in huge update lapses and no audio with HD. My primary use is to watch TV in the background while on the computer.


                  I recently moved to the Pro HD from the Pro with the HD adapter and find it awesome.
                  CPU runs 15-20% on average.

                  If anyone happens to be interested, the Pro with the HD adapter is looking for a new home. PM me.

                  (The PRO with HD adapter accepts HD input and shows 16x9 but does not broadcast a HD signal.)
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                    love my sling. had it for a few years. on the road or on my computer it serves me very well. great product.
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