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    I have downloaded Wireshark and just not made time to try to monitor the commands going to and coming from the shower. Work and all.

    If I am able to retrieve anything I was hoping one of the Plugins like Big5 might be a way to achieve communications with it. Since this is under Kohler. When I start collecting data, I will create a new post on the MoenU and we can share info there.


      Sounds great


        Originally posted by rjh View Post
        I am looking at the steamist system as that has support for crestron and control4 so it must have an api. If anyone knows of a shower system that has an open api, please let me know.
        Bit late to the game, but I figured I'd respond in case anyone else is still shopping around.

        Steamist is open and you can easily control it through HS3

        Some caveats though, you need their touch panels (450/550) and it's fairly primitive in the sense that you can read most stuff but only allows you to control on/off of the shower (w. a shower sense valve pack) and steam generator.
        I have it integrated with HS3 and alexa, so I can say "Alexa, turn on mr.Magoo's shower"


          Digging this up from a while back.
          I probably need to start a new topic, but was just googling around and found the API for the MOEN U

          Honestly I didn't really even look at the file. If the information needed is in the file, Is this something I could relatively easily do with something like BIG5 Plugin to interface with the shower?



            ​​​​​​​Yes, Big5 can help you if you have an API. However there is no API at the link provided. Just 2 years old general statement . Looks like they abandoned the idea of creating API (reverse engineering). I'm sure there is an internal API that is not published. Vendors do that often in order to protect their eco-system and force you to keep buying from them. Hackers on the other hand like challenges and love reverse engineering to find the API. So keep looking for an API and let us know if you find any. I will gladly help you implement controls/reports using Big5 and HS4.