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    tried it

    Hey Skibum,

    Tried that site and connected to all except Boston.

    4.4 to all except Sydney which was 4.3

    I should also mention that a lot of the troubled calls calls seemed to have a transmission delay or echo in them.

    I will hook it back up again and try it out again for a couple of days just to see if it has improved.

    Thanks for the info.
    Newmarket Ontario


      completelyhis wanted me to post here since he knows I have this. Bought a couple days ago and love it so far. If my wife's Mac (Intel) reboots for any reason, she needs to re-open the software for MagicJack, but that takes seconds.

      I may actually write an apple script that auto-opens that software at boot time to keep it simple. MagicJack works flawlessly under Parallels or VMWare Fusion, as well as on Windows machines.

      When I first received, I plugged it into my Mac (I mean, come on...who reads the directions first?). Nothing happened ...then I read the instructions.

      There's an Intel Mac firmware update which needs to be applied (from Internet Explorer of course...ActiveX plugin). All you do is plug the MagicJack into any Windows machine with Internet (even a friend's) and visit the website website. Click "Customer Care/Live Person" at the bottom of the website. On there there's a Mac update link for Intel Macs.

      Once you visit the page, it auto-updates the firmware to work on the Mac and worked perfectly once I plugged it into the first machine.

      Call quality is awesome. I, like skozin (if I recall it correctly), am using Comcast high speed Internet (roughly 6-8 Mbps). Having dealt with Primus' Lingo service, Vonage and Sunrocket in the past, the connection speed and availability is EVERYTHING!!!

      If you're streaming movies, using multiple VoIP phones at the same time, downloading "stuff" via Bit Torrent sites ()...all that slows your available bandwidth and will seriously affect your talking.

      It seems the device is defaulted into full-duplex mode (not sure if there are additional duplex modes at all). Again, to and from the device I'm having exceptional success so far and crystal clear calls in the US and Canada for only $20/yr. You can't beat it.

      When my son's old enough to have a phone in his room and call friends, heck, I'll buy him a MagicJack and plug it into his computer...instant phone.

      Also. "Rick Tinker" mentioned that he wouldn't be carrying a full-size telephone with him to the Internet cafe for use with his laptop. Unless I'm mistaken, MagicJack software supports USB headset audio devices. I think this is the entire reasoning behind having a screen dialer app that runs as software, similar to most softphones.

      I hope this helps! I know it's a lot to read


        I have been using it for about 6 months and here is an update about the service.

        I have been getting pretty good quality ever since someone told me to set the priority processes in task manager to high (It was set at normal). I guess by doing this tells the computer to use more resources for magicjack and the system won't bog down as much. Since doing this, only once did I get a choppy audio signal.

        The only problem I have is when I restart the computer, I have to manually restart magicjack. There is some sort of bug in their software where it won't recognize the alloted hard drive being used for the software. Tech support showed me how to fix that and I do that every morning which takes less than a minute. I can live with that.

        I can't complain that for $20 a year, the service is worth it for a 2nd phone line in the house, but I would not use it as a primary line until they work the kinks out of it.


          I've had mine for a few months now.
          I use it very little but it is there when I need it.
          It works with HSP using a W2C.



            read about it in the forum on MJ in

            It's really all about being spyware.


              We use it as a primary line and it doesn't act as spyware on my machines. I have a computer science degree and know all my machines (mac and o
              PC) are squeeky clean.


                I like mine. So far just been using it for out going call on the fax. Dont have a local number for my area. I talked with customer service, which was talking to me on line in only seconds. Also when my area becomes local, they will be giving me an extra line for free for one year. Dont really need it,but will take it. Happy with it as a extra line and cant wait for a local number. Unsure why they do not have this listed on the web site. I have tossed away a lot more money then this to try something new. This time wasnt a loss.


                  Originally posted by Rick Tinker View Post
                  This device requires a phone to be connected to the jack, so as for portability, I don't see myself carrying a standard telephone with me and my laptop - that is where the integrated speaker and microphone with Skype would probably be better.

                  This could work with HomeSeer Phone - depends on whether there is dialtone and the required voltages on the line going to the phone. In fact, can you receive calls with the MagicJack? If you can, then that means around 90V RMS is being sent to the telephone to make it ring, which would really surprise me because boosting the 12V USB power to do that would make it really weak - in other words, you could not have it connected to all of the phones in your house, only one at a time.

                  Keep us posted as to how well it works.
                  FYI- Been running the MagicJack for over a month tied to 3 phones in the house. Can use 2 handsets at one time and doesn't seem to affect the call. Haven't tried all 3 at once. Call quality is pretty decent even for my crappy internet service.