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There goes the neighborhood...

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  • langenet
    I'm feeling the same way as Ian. I don't know what we have done to our kids to allow such disrespect. When I was a kid, I was taught that littering was bad and to respect the 'world'. Todays kids are "all about me" and generally don't give a rats @#s. While I'm lucky there's no junk food stores close by, I have on accasion picked up the fallout of McDonalds and the like.

    I'm close to 49 and want to know if this is too young to join the likes of the "crotchety old man"?

    Thanks for listening. I feel better now...


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  • rmasonjr
    Is that overkill? Is it legal? Do I need to just get over it?
    I cant see it being any more than being part of a neighborhood watch, or a good samaritan. We have the occasional redneck who dumps dead animal carcasses on our road (gross) .

    I live in extreme rural (southwest MS) and I want cameras to capture the wildlife - deer, fox, turkeys, etc. Those prices on those cameras look pretty good.

    If you do decide to get one of the packages, please let us know about the quality.


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  • completelyhis
    started a topic There goes the neighborhood...

    There goes the neighborhood...

    I used to live in a quiet little rural area and then the development came. I have no problem with progress and capitolism and whatnot, but I do have a problem with the litter that has become an incredible eyesore on just the other side of my fence. I'm 99.9% sure it's the curb suckin' teen agers that go and buy all their junk food from the country store right around the corner, then hang out on their skate boards for a while. It's gotten so bad that whenever I go on a walk with my family (often) I bring latex gloves and a trash bag.

    Add to this the recent egging of the church shuttle bus I had parked in my driveway for a few days, and I'm feeling frustrated. Maybe I belong in the "crotchety old man" class, now that I sit there on my porch and say, "kids these days, what's this world coming to...."

    So, anyway, I'm thinking about setting up the IP security camera system. I'd like to get one that looks over my driveway and into the cul de sac, one in my back yard, and several around the interior of the home.

    Here's the question: I'd also like to add one that looks OVER my fence onto the PUBLIC sidewalk. It would be motion activated, just to record the litter in action, then, seems how I still know most of the people in the neighborhood, I could use the video/images to kindly ask parents to have a discussion with the kids, or even talk with the owner of the country store (a friend of mine) and ask them to create a litter bug wall shame - I'd be glad to print out the pictures and all!

    Is that overkill? Is it legal? Do I need to just get over it?

    Next question is regarding what type of cameras to use. I want to get some that will meet the following feature list:

    ~record to PC and/or external DVR (I'm running vista on my HS machine)
    ~ip based, with ability to use HS apps such as Maestro or Media Center Plugin
    ~good enough resolution to be able to get quality identification of people from a good 40' or so
    ~at least some cameras good for night time use
    ~doesn't need to be wireless. I have conduit EVERYWHERE!

    I'm thinking of getting one of these packages from Costco:

    Thanks for letting me rant!