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    Well, I was burglarized about a month ago. This time I had one camera up with the DVR running, and Bad guy #1 came up on my front porch, looking down and felt around for the camera, and knocked it to the side. Good Lord was looking out for us, and the camera focused on the window on the semi-enclosed front porch, and got a beautiful reflection off the window and you can see them walking up and down the front stairs thinking that the camera was pointing away from them. I made a copy for the police, and when the detective got it, they gave a copy to the local Fox affiliate, and they aired it along with an interview of me. The day after, they had the name of one of the suspects and they went out and picked him up. He rolled over on the other guy, and I got half of my stuff back. Next Friday I go to their prelim hearing, but I wish I could charge back the cost of my system to them.

    What I think I will do is hide a few cameras around the property and have this one visible. I will put one looking at the house so when they hit the visible one, and turn around, it will get a good picture of them next time. I bought this because someone stole my Sony Bravia 52" HDTV out of my house a year ago while we slept. I now arm the alarm at night, and am using Homeseer to put together many other presence detectors outside and warnings to me inside if someone is on the property. We live at the end of a culdesac and next to a water retension pond, so no one sees someone breaking into the South side of our house. That is where alot of my security needs to go.

    But I got them this time. . . . . Yes I'm a Reserve Police Officer and that is me.
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      Originally posted by Czechmarty View Post
      Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider comes to my mind.... LOL

      Quite few people actually advised me to get conceal permit, especially consider the fact I live in the middle of nowhere. I will have to do some research what I have to do to get it.....
      you live in Forida. you pay $25 to the local sherif. done.

      (NY is different prepare for your rectal exam)

      Tasker, to a person who does like walking up to a Crack Treatment facility with a truck full of 3lb bags of crack. Then for each person that walks in and out smack them in the face with an open bag.


        LOL completely forgot about this thread.
        Don, I crossed the age. BAD picture!! LMAO