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where to put security cameras?

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    I have 5 cameras around the external of the house, there is NO WAY the wife and 2 girls would allow ANY camera INSIDE the house.
    I agree. I have multiple outside cameras that cover the perimeter of the house, driveway, shop, etc. but none inside. I think it would creep people out to know there are cameras inside the house. In fact, I make a point of telling our friends "there are NO cameras anywhere inside the house". I think if they knew there was one in the living room, for example, it would be natural to wonder where else there was one -- bedroom, bathroom, etc. We had guests that stayed with us for a couple of weeks and they asked specifically, in a joking way but I'm sure they were partly serious, "there isn't a camera in the bedroom, is there"? It's reasurring to know that there are no cameras anywhere inside the house.

    For the purposes of security / law enforcement, I think cameras outside are sufficient. If you have a burglary and something inside your house is damaged or stolen, if you have recorded video of someone you don't know prowling around outside, and especially if you record him breaking in and/or leaving, that would be plenty for the police to use. You wouldn't have to have video of him inside the house also.


      Originally posted by completelyhis View Post
      Nightwalker - I'd be ok with the second option you presented, but would likely end up with the first option. I agree that bedrooms would be a hard sell, and I don't know how what I'd tell guests! I was thinking that if I did any indoor cameras, they would be in the living room type area, again, just for security and all.

      assuming i don't put any cameras on the inside, how is it that you get the cameras to activate on the outside? Do you have HS controlled motions on the outside, or are there motions hooked up to the camera system, or both?

      I had a $4,400 52" LCD, 120 hz refresh, Sony LCD stolen from my house while we slept on Friday night. I miss my home automation, and my wife does too. (By the way, I will run a 24 loop wire from the alarm system to the TV next time.) WE moved to dad's to help him until he passed away at 90 yrs old. But anyway, I sprang for a 2k$ industrial DVR and 8 cameras. I plan to use those at my new house. The DVR puts a grid up on the screen, and you select which pixels for it to monitor. Then you select a sensitivity from 1-5, and how much time it goes back in time when it senses motion, and how far forward after motion stops. I can see the mailman pull up out front in the background, walk up to the house, put the mail in, and walk back and drive off and all I monitor is the area at the front steps of our house, not the street. Works great.

      I can hardly wait until our new house is built. . . .
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        I just returned my security camera to the manufacturer. After about a month, the picture quality deteriorated to the point of being useless. I think it may be related to bright light from a reflection of the sun off the water of a nearby pond shortly after sunrise. I think any security camera should be sheilded from the sun shining directly into the lens.

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          Well, I got broken into again. This time, the security camera on the front door caught some good pictures. But the first guy walked up with his head turned down and felt around for the camera and pushed it to the side. It turned to the window, and got beautiful reflections off the window of the two burglars walking around on the porch. They evidently knocked and when no one came to the door, they went around to the side door and kicked it in. This is on the instant alarm zone, so it went off immediately, and they ran in and went into the master bedroom, and pulled out the drawers looking for money/gun/jewelry. They took my Police badge and Police Radio from the top of the dresser. I keep the gun belt locked up in a safe because of the kids and their friends. So it didnt get stolen. They were in here only a minute or so. I cant say enough about a very loud alarm system.

          But what I learned. Remember from previous posts I bought a commercial grade dvr. So I gave a copy of the video to the officer investigating this, and I realized that if I had a hidden camera I would have picked up the entire facial profile of the burglars. I think if you have enough cameras, you could put one on the front door, and then one on the porch so it would get their faces as they turn around to leave. I will have to put the other ones up and hide them better so I can get at least one picture of future bad guys. Prevention is the best method, so I will be getting signs to put in the yard and as I integrate Homeseer, I will put my outdoor beams up to trigger announcements outside etc. I will also have it send a text to my pager/cell so I will know when someone is in the area. The Postman comes to the front everyday, but I could script that with a button for when he opens the mailbox to not page me in that instance. But still record.
          A computer's attention span is as long
          as it's powercord.