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    In the winter, you should try to use the heat generated in your server closet to heat the rest of the house. Is there any way to install a return air duct in the closet that connects to your furnace?

    Steve Q
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      That's exactly what I did. As luck would have it, my wiring closet backs up to the A/C return. I just cut a hole in the wall and installed about a 8 inch filter duct. (Its one of the ones they put in the hallway that connects to an adjacent room so you can close the door and still have air flow...) When the system turns on, it sucks all the heat out of the closet. It works great except that it sucks in a bit more dust than normal. My next project is to seal the door and put another duct and filter to feed the closet.



        MaxPower CoolCube


        I just recently returned from AFCOM (Data Center World) and looked at an interesting product. It is called CoolCube 10 from MaxPower ( It is designed to sit on the floor OR mount in a rack and provide decent cooling for locations like you described. Hope this helps.