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    Originally posted by completelyhis View Post
    I actually did that, but then it became a game with the try to use the toilet without Alfred knowing, so they could do their business and sneak out of the bathroom undetected. it made for quite a messy bathroom!

    also, it embarrassed some very new friends we have when we had them over for dinner once, and he didn't flush, and alfred caught him. woops! He'll never do that again!

    The thing i liked about the devices i linked to is that they actually do the flushing for you.
    We need a forum for funny (or embarrassing) things that have happened with your Home automation system.
    A computer's attention span is as long
    as it's powercord.


      Funny? yes. WAF Funny? no.
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        I'm a pastor, and I opened up my message yesterday by talking about hobbies, and I of course mentioned my hobby. I also mentioned the impact it has on our spouses....I told some stories, got some was fun.
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          Just for my son...

          In my son's bathroom, "Rosie" plays the following after motion is detected, the toilet is flushed and the motion detector sends an off.

          His bathroom doubles as the guest bathroom so this gets shut off when HS is put into GUEST mode!

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            You always seem to have the best sounds and quips!
            Tasker, to a person who does like walking up to a Crack Treatment facility with a truck full of 3lb bags of crack. Then for each person that walks in and out smack them in the face with an open bag.


              Good WAF

              I get encouragement from my wife! In fact, right after we met, I told her that my doorbell sounded like the Jetson's doorbell. She thought it was "SO COOL!" I thought, "THANK YOU, GOD! You made the perfect girl!"

              I automate stuff to keep track of it. I don't know why I like that, but I do. I can tell you that our beverage fridge in the garage has been opened 223 times so far this year. Occasionally it has been left open. When my wife put two turkeys in it before Thanksgiving, she asked me to rig it up so that if it is left open, an alarm will go off so that we would be sure they did not spoil. She asked for the attached. Since the teen down the street has a drinking problem (and there is adult beverage in that fridge) and we leave our garage door open regularly, she wanted to associate a wav with it opening so we would know when it opened. She chose Homer Simpson.

              I'd love to take credit for all the ideas, but my whacked out sense of humor has rubbed off on my family!

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              Last edited by outbackrob; February 25, 2009, 10:05 PM. Reason: Homer not Bart! Bart is not old enough to drink beer yet!