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Tracfone for SMS message alerts

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    Tracfone for SMS message alerts

    I've been using a cheap Tracfone for a long time and can use it for text message alerts. Below is a basic test email vbscript and batch file that will send a text message to the phone via the tracfone email gateway. I use this in Just basic application I made to send alerts to the phone. To use this one needs an email connection to the internet to send the email message to the gateway. Most cell phone providers have the email to SMS gateways. One can add another line to send an attachement such as a .jpg if the phone supports displaying attachements (beyond my old $10 tracfone doesn't). Below is the link for more info on the vbscript. In the batch file below, disregard the board auto html highlighting of some of the line.

    SMS.bat, single line, with phone # and stuff removed:

    @echo off
    cscript.exe email-test1.vbs "Just Basic email test" "Did it work?" password


    email-test1.vbs with attachment line left out:

    Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
    Set objEmail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
    objEmail.From = objArgs(0)
    objEmail.To = objArgs(1)
    objEmail.Subject = objArgs(2)
    objEmail.Textbody = objArgs(3)
    with objEmail.Configuration.Fields
    .Item ("") = 2
    .Item ("") = objArgs(4)
    .Item ("") = 25
    .Item ("") = 0
    .Item ("") = objArgs(5)
    .Item ("") = objArgs(6)
    .Item ("") = False
    .Item ("") = 25
    end with
    Why I like my 2005 rio yellow Honda S2000 with the top down, and more!

    Is that you Zoomkat? Where in the world have you been?


      Been spending most of my time in the robotics forums. Figured I needed to check in to make sure I'm not missing anything in the way of gadgets and gizmos. A while back I updated my old servo pan/tilt web cam setup (below) to use the free open source Webcam2000 application. It uses a javascript instead of an applet to keep the pix updated. Might be of interest to those that like to tinker on a budget.
      Why I like my 2005 rio yellow Honda S2000 with the top down, and more!


        Does this allow you to send the messages FREE or does it use the fee based message system. I have read about both and the only one I could get to work it the fee based one.




          The setup is basically sending an email to your cell phone, which should be easy in HS. The only charge that I know of is the text message charge the cell company normally charges for incomming text messages (free on my old tracfone). The below links should allow you to find your cell providers email to SMS email gateway. A quick test is to just send a short email to your cell phone number at your gateway email address and see if you receive it on your cell phone.

          Why I like my 2005 rio yellow Honda S2000 with the top down, and more!