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Q to a guru re Windows shutdown

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    Q to a guru re Windows shutdown

    I have a KVM switch (USB) connected to two PCs. One is an Intel Atom mini-ITX motherboard which works very well.

    One hitch: If I press the (soft) power-off button on the Atom PC, and the KVM has directed the keyboard/mouse/monitor to the other PC at that time, the power off button is ignored. Power on button works no matter the KVM. If I press and hold power-off, the Atom does abruptly shut down, so the BIOS sees it.

    The Atom is running Win7 RC1.

    Would this be a BIOS issue or a Windows issue?

    A guess would be a hardware issue/power management issuse. The USB ports are seeing activity so the MB is ignoring the power down (off) signal. Is the KVM powered? or does it get its power from the USB ports. If the KVM is port powered and has the option for an external PS try that, otherwise there might be something in the bios under power management options. I don't have any experience with win7
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      You inspired this experiment...

      The USB KVM gets power from either PC's USB port.

      PC #1 and #2 are on. #2 is the Intel Atom mini-ITX at question.
      Switch KVM to #1
      Power off #1 and let it shut down/go off.
      Now press power off button on #2. It does shut down.

      #1 on and #2 on.
      Switch KVM to #1.
      Push power switch on #2. It won't shut down.

      Switch KVM to #2. Push powre switch. It will shut down.