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N97 hardware problems

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    N97 hardware problems

    Just bought a new N97 last Friday and already having all the main problems that are had with the phone i.e the GPS lock problem, keyboard rattle and the phone's camera already has a scratch in it. I havn't even had it a full week yet. I emailed the place I bought it from and asked about the new backplate that fixes all but the keyboard problem adn they said there is no way to tell what batch of phones have the new backplate on them.
    My question is does anyone know when the revised N97 might reach the market? I'd say if you could get one that has the v20 firmware preloaded on it from the factory then I would have the modifications. How long does it generally take for the new firmware to reach the current market? Thanks.
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    Sometime in the late 90's I switched over from Palm OS (used it from the middle 90's) over to MS and to HTC for my cellphones. Over the years MS Mobile has become somewhat bloated and in the last couple of years have also tested Android. I am not sure how well documented or open the source firmware is for the Nokia but the HTC firmware has been both documented and tweaked over a number of years. I am currently on my third revision of HTC mobile phone. I have constantly changed both base firmware and radio firmware through the years. Each one a little bit different. When changing firmware you have to accept the fact that if there the issue of "bricking" your phone. You have to learn either to be able to "unbrick" it or accept the loss of your cell phone.

    Many new cellular phones today also come with a lot of trial software (adverstisements) like PCs when you first purchase them. The first thing I did remove all of this trialware. I also noticed that the concept of GPS / GPS applications somehow has been conveyed to average users as a service that you have to pay a monthly fee for in addition to connection charges. I remember a road trip a couple of years ago from London to Wales. I had no idea where I was at as I have never driven there. I loaded up the TomTom UK maps onto my phone and they helped me tremendously.

    The other day for some unknown reason during a nightly image backup my HTC phone went into a booting loop. The only way to get out of this loop was to cold restart the phone and to restore it via a saved image. Without the saved image I would have had to do a bunch of stuff manually (restore contacts, GPS maps etc).

    Most likely if the N97 has gotten into the hands of tweakers the information provided by them will be most valuable helping you. I believe its using a Symbian OS. I have a Nokia N770 with a Linux OS and I am constantly changing the firmware on it. Its been rock solid in that I haven't ever had any HW issues with it.
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