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Which is best Laptop or Desktop???

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    Which is best Laptop or Desktop???

    Hi to All...
    I want to purchase computer . I am not aware what type of system is required for
    nowadays? which is the best one to purchase.whether laptop or desktop PC.what
    is cost for getting these. I need the latest system,LCD,which is the best company
    to get or to assemble?

    That is a hard question to answer, because everyone hase their favorites. I personally like Dells, but there are others that like to build their own. I always recommend people to decide what they want to spend, and what features they want, and then try to build one that fits into their price range.

    One question, is this for home automation use? If so then you would need a desktop, if you like portability, then a laptop would be better.


      Your question is similar to asking, "What is the best vehicle?"

      A Porsche is a pretty good sports car, but will be disappointing if you need to transport large kitchen appliances.

      Can you be more specific about what you want to do with the computer?
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