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Problem commanding Xantech RS232IR module - Fixed

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    Problem commanding Xantech RS232IR module - Fixed

    I am having trouble using my Xantech RS232IR module. I am able to program the commands and assign IR codes using Dragon Drop software, then transfer the configuration to the module with success. Then I try to test it by sending the ASCII sequence to the RS232 in port like "0101+" but no IR out. I have validated that the string is being sent to the port via a port monitor, but the module still does not put out any IR. Is there some trick I am missing like a pre or post string to initialize the module? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike<O</O

    Figured out the problem

    It turns out I needed a null modem cable to the RS 232 in port. Go figure... I definately lost a lot of time trying to figure this out! Hope this helps someone else.