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Combine Audio Channels to mono

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    Combine Audio Channels to mono

    I need to combine the right and left rca connectors on my sound card into one channel to send through in-wall cable to a modulator. The modulator converts the signal to mono anyways so I'm not worried about any quality loss.

    I don't think I can just use a Y adaptor because of impedance issues. Is that right?

    Can anyone offer a suggestion?


    Y connector is probably a bad idea, but I have done it with my sound card without problems.

    But better yet, why not go stereo 5601 stereo converter

    5601 Manual .pdf

    5601 @ Worthington

    I use an old VCR to demodulate and send the signal back to my Whole House AV receiver

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> STEREO UPGRADE OPTION FOR MONO
    With the 5601 stereo converter, any single channel of a mono modulator can be turned into stereo. By placing the 5601 between the stereo video source and the existing mono modulator the audio will be encoded into MTS stereo passing right through the modulator. Then any stereo TV can decode the signal back into stereo or Dolby Pro LogicĀ®.


      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Raymond:
      I don't think I can just use a Y adaptor because of impedance issues. Is that right?


      You are right, but you can get away with just tying them together. Line audio is very forgiving.

      If you realy want to do it right, however, put each leg, left and right, through a 600 ohm resister and then tie them together. This will do two things: it will attenuate the signal by 3db so that the combined signal strength equals the strength of each of the original signals, and it will match the cable impedances of the three legs (assuming 600 ohm audio cable) to suppress relections.

      A serious audiophile would consider these important issues. I doubt I would hear a difference.



        I like HomeSeerLover's suggestion. That's what I would do if I wanted stereo at the other end. If it's just for HS anouncements or other voice-like things, then there probably wont be a demodulator at the other end.



          I ran three RG6 cables from my office computer to my reciever with the intention of mp3 playing, HS TTS, and a second DVD player.

          I have a netmedia triple play modulator at my media rack that has a DVD player going to it. The DVD player has two sets of outputs so the other set is connected to the A/V reciever for DD decoding.

          After I got this set up I (for the heck of it) tried sending the digital coax out on my sound card over one of the cables and connected it to one of the digital in's on the reciever. Wow, huge improvement in sound. Plus DD decoding from my computer's DVD drive.

          The downside was that I used my left audio channel for the digital connection. Now I have two coax cables (RCA terminated) to go from my computer to the modulator.

          I just want a second DVD player so my kids can watch their movies when my wife and I watch ours.

          So, that's the story...