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Modulating TiVo problem

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    Modulating TiVo problem

    Can anyone out there give me a hand with a modulator problem. I finally broke down and went for the "nice" ChannelPlus modulator, but am having the following problem.

    I just bought the ChannelPlus SVM-22 modulator from you. I am also using a DA-550Bid Splitter/combiner
    Here is the configuration that I am having a problem with:

    1 CATV into DA-550, output to 5 TV's AND TO TiVo Input
    2. TiVo output (s-video) into SVM-22 input A
    3. SVM-22 set to Channel 105 (for Input/Output "A")
    4. SVM-22 Output (Coax) to DA-550 "mod" in

    The basic problem is that I get no Tivo picture if the TiVo input is hooked up. If I disconnect the input source from the TiVo I can see the modulated picture (the TiVo menu, obviously not the live cable). When I connect the Input to the TiVo to the Output of the DA-550 Bid, the picture goes blue or is extremely fuzzy.

    If I add an amplifier to the output of the SVM-22 modulator, I can get a better picture, but it is still way too fuzzy.


    FYI, The answer was to use a filter