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Noise interference with AM Radio

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    Noise interference with AM Radio

    I have 2 track lights using 3 lamps each (75w philips director bulbs) running on a Smarthome 2-way 2381W 1000W switch. I am getting allot of RF interference when this switch is turned on.

    This didnt happen when they ran on the old style x10 WS467 toggle switch.
    I have also tried using the Leviton HCM101SW and get the same noise. It's so bad I can hear it in my car when pulling up the driveway.
    Reason for the change was that the old switch ran very hot and I wanted to add 2-way status to this light.
    Not sure if an inline filter would help.
    Any thought on where to start?

    First, get a small battery-powered AM radio to use as a sniffer.

    Does the noise get worse at mid-brightness compared to maximum brightness? Switching noise due to the triac would be at it's worst at 50%.

    Use the sniffer to determine where the noise is radiating from. It could be strongest:
    1) at the switch itself,
    2) at the tracks,
    3) along the power wiring.

    The switch is most likely the source of the noise, but not the radiation of the noise. This will most likely be the tracks, but could be the wiring (either can be acting as an antenna for the noise generated by the switch). If you're getting it in your car, it could be radiating from any outdoor wiring.

    Maybe you should switch to FM . . .


      Rocco Thanks for the suggestions I'll do some snooping.
      It's tough being a sports fanatic (AM)