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Sale on Win4Lin

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    Sale on Win4Lin

    NeTraverse is having a $30-off sale on Win4Lin in case anyone is interested. That Brings the price to $60.

    I keep saying I'm going to try Homeseer under Linux, this might by the time...


    They dont appear to have a trial so is a bit expensive to buy on the off chance it will work with Homeseer


      If your in school (or your child is in school) you can purchase VMWare for $139.00. The EXACT same version available for $299.00, except it can't be used for commercial purposes.

      I own the Windows version, so it's kinda useless (for me) to test if HomeSeer will run within a virtual machine.

      It sure is cool the be able to boot any OS at any time for any purpose... I even have DOS 6.2 installed, just because I can... :-)

      Plus... they have a 30 day trial available.


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        All - as an IT guy who uses VMware in the workplace, I'm planning on dividing my server up into a couple of different virtual machines for a couple of different reasons:

        1 - portability: at some point, I'm going to upgrade my dual-PIII server and really don't want to rebuild from scratch. Under vmware, I can swap the VMs from one hardware platform to another with minimal effort.

        2 - segmentability: running W2K server, active directory, sql server, a mail server, homeseer, dhcp, dns, cybergenie, and numerous other applications increases the risk of needing to rebuild the whole box when one app refuses to play nice.

        As such, I'm going to try to get HS to run independently of these other apps on its virtual machine. Has anyone tried this yet?