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    I have two phone lines. Since adding DSL, I haven't really used the second line too much. I probably should cancel it.

    Anyho' for the longest time, the phone would ring one time, triggering the HA system to mute etc. By the time I got to the phone, it was a hang up.

    I tried calling myself and the phone would ring one time, then you would hear a click and the line would hang up.

    I was pretty sure that it was something in the HA system and I didn't feel like pulling everything a part, so disconnected the line from the HA system and ignored it. I didn't use the 2nd line and the only one who would call it was telemarketers (I really enjoyed the automatic hangup feature <g> )

    I didn't want to call the teleco, because it is a pain explaining the HA setup to the phone guy (actually the guy who installed the DSL was really impressed and helpful (the cable guy was another story)).

    I finally got around to debugging today and disconnected everything to the dermarc point- it turns out that the problem is on the teleco side.

    Go figure!