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RG6 Video Switcher Controlled By X-10???

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    RG6 Video Switcher Controlled By X-10???

    Has anyone ever seen some kind of RG-6 switcher that is controlled by X-10 signals? Is this something that could be custom built? (Not by me... but by someone who knows electronics)
    More specifically here is what I *wish* I could find. In my Leviton panel, I have about 45 seperate runs of really good quality RG6, all of them currently terminate into patch blocks. If I want to jump from 1 room to another, I have to manually go down to the basement and switch cables around. I would like to have some kind of X-10 controller that all of the cables, or at least some of the cables would terminate into. The controller would listen to the powerline for adjustable x-10 signals, and based on how it was configured, would jump cable "A" to cable "B" all via x-10.

    So.... Has someone ever heard of this? Would someone be willing to build one for me? What kind of cost? Any ideas will be appreciated...

    is basically what you need. They are set up as a matrix with X output and Y inputs (X and Y are usually equal). They can normally hook a combination of inputs to a combination of outputs simultaneously. I've used 4x4 and 10x10 crosspoint switches.

    The inexpensive ones are manual slide switches, but the electronic ones usually have a pushbutton for each output, and a pushbutton for each input. The ones I have used also had an RS232 port as a control option. All those buttons would be a lot of universal modules, and I don't know of any other way to control it by X10.

    I doubt if this helps much, but if you want some vendors, let me know. The price was near $120 for a 4x4, if my memory still works.