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    Video Overlay Generator

    Here is what I would like to do:

    I have an open slot on one of my modulators. I would like to generate a video source that consists of a selectable solid color background, say blue, with text overlaid on top that will be displayed on the main house TV.
    Now, this text would consist of say weather, HA system status, number of voice messages, time/date, e-mails etc. all customizable. I would like to use IR to send a command back to the computer and have HomeSeer and my StarGate generate the text needed as mentioned above.

    I know that the Homevision controller will already do this but I want to be able to send IR commands back to HomeSeer and/or StarGate that will then generate the required information.

    So, I need suggestions on two devices:

    One that will allow me to inject IR into HomeSeer or StarGate which will then compose the specific textual information requested by this command and send this to the video overlay device. The video overlay device will then send the composit video information to the modulator and onto one of my open TV channels.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!

    A computer, a buncha HA stuff, and 10 cats!

    I was thinking about doing something similar. I came up with BOBII. This is sold by Its under general modules.

    I think I've seen it for sale on American sites aswell.

    Basically it will take ASCII strings from a serial port and overlay lay them onto a video level signal (NTSC or PAL). You'd need a script of some sort to send the ASCII string. Thats where I gave up! I'm not too hot at script writing.

    Instead, I used a PC to TV converter which is piped through to the TV in the lounge. It also feeds the VCR's input so that other TV's in the house can view it. I have the HS computer displaying an asp web page with exactly the type of info you are describing. It just means you need to change channels to see it. Screenshot.
    The entire thread is here.
    Custom Status Page

    Let me know how you get on.