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    Windows Power Options

    I use the Windows Power Options settings in control panel to turn off my monitor after 10 minutes.

    I noticed though that activity such as getting a new email, turns it back on. I would just expect it to turn back on if mouse movement or keyboard activity is detected.

    Does anyone know of a way to stop this from happening, such as a registry setting or third party utility?

    #2 could always power the monitor through an appliance module and have HS switch it on and off...

    Not sure how you'd configure an event to control it, though...

    I have the same problem here - I use hs.sendkeys to check emails, this obviously counts as a keystroke and wakes the monitor. I just get used to turning it on/off manually when I'm in the server room...


      Mine does the same thing, and some scripts cause it to come on as well. I have not really tried to fix it, but I think there is another option that will work in addition to turning off (power save) the monitor. Try using the blank screen saver in addition to the power saver feature. I'm not sure if this will do what you want, but it's worth the try. I am going to try this tonight as well because I seem to remember this did not occur "back when". [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif[/img]



        Most bios have the options in power management for waking up upon VGA activity and interrupts. You have to find out what item to disable........JG

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          It looks like the options I have in my BIOS will put the whole machine into suspend mode, not just the video.

          I use Yahoo messenger, and I'm noticing a similiar situation. YM has an option that will show your status as "idle" after a particular time setting of inactivity on the PC. My family and friends always report seeing me as switching from available to idle and back again at various times, even though no one is there. Looks like the script activity, etc, keeps things "active".

          No biggie, but would be neat if you could get around it.


            That seems to work the best. I have a motion sensor triggered event that sets a virtual device on if it was off. Then if the virtual triggers on, the monitor is turned on by another event. a third event turns the virtual device and monitor off when the virtual device hits 20 minutes. Since there is motion in the room, the virtual device doesn't hit 20 minutes until I leave the room. I also use it to turn on the lights in that room.